Waianae, Honolulu County, Hawaii

The beautiful shores of the fine Waianae Hawaiian community is situated on the westernmost portion of the magnificent island of brilliant Oahu. This makes this prime Hawaiian community a secluded getaway paradise, far from the hustle and bustle of modern city living and most Hawaiian holiday cities and towns. But being just a short drive from Waikiki, this Hawaiian community within the confines of Honolulu County promises a well balanced holiday time from the accurate combination of busy city life and that rustic feel of unblemished Hawaiian tropical paradise.

Its 3.4 square miles of lush lands line up the western portion of the sparkling and brilliant shores of Oahu. Its 10,506 local residents enjoy sunny tropical weather all year round, as well as the richness of its fertile lands and elegant waters. Elevated at approximately 8 feet above sea level, this Hawaiian community has its fine serving of soothingly good Hawaiian winds most of the time.

The 2,595 households of this Hawaiian heavenly community is nestled well within the limits of its beautifully elegant coasts, basking under the blessed Hawaiian heavens and enjoying that unending feel of that well talked about Hawaiian good life. Its people also boast of the rich past that the shores of this paradise community hold ever so firmly within its grasp. Being among the island's best kept promises, Waianae is more than a gossip for that Hawaiian dream holiday you have long been planning to take. Packing your bags and going for the Waianae promise of a true tropical paradise holiday do not remotely compare to the goodness it holds for your weary body and your tired mind.

Waianae's History

In the late 1700s, Captain James Cook and his fleet sailed alongside the magnificent coasts of beautiful Waianae. Captain George Vancover, on the other hand, reported a fertile coconut grove he had glimpsed within the confines of the Hawaiian dream that is Waianae. He also wrote down on his reports the fertility of the lush lands of Waianae, as well as the promise of a rich agricultural venture on its blessed soil.

In the early 1800s, the ruler of the Hawaiian kingdom, the great King Kamehameha I, provided a chieftain of the then Waianae village. The chosen man was Boki, a native to the shores of this tropical paradise island.

In 1811, ships sailed alongside the coasts of the magnificent Hawaiian community of Waianae, and some of these Western travelers noticed the abundance of sandalwood the fertile lands of this Hawaiian community holds firmly within its coasts. This is when the global trade industry of Waianae was born, trading sandalwood with the Westerners bartered for supplies not to be found within its shores.

In the early 1900s, the sugar production industry of Hawaii flourished with the bountiful harvests from the rich lands of this tropical paradise. Waianae, among the lands with the most abundant sugar production capability, spearheaded the rise of the industry in the global market. But the Second World War caused the booming sugar production industry, as well as the international trade industries of this tropical paradise island, to abruptly end.

After the war, Waianae, along with most Hawaiian communities ravaged by the spoils of war, tried to rebuilt itself back to its old glory. This was when Hawaii started out as a prime holiday destination for travelers from all points of the world. Waianae kept itself hidden from the commercial machine going through most of the places on this tropical paradise. This is why it has survived throughout these events as among Oahu island's best kept promises. No longer a secret, this place now enjoys a booming local trade industry due to its equally flourishing tourism industry.

Waianae's Attractions

The Makaha Beach Park is one of the community's prime attractions. It is a wonderful beach, which can be considered as a surfer's paradise. With its strong oceanic winds and good waters, this place can absolutely give surfers and beach lovers alike an exciting alternative to the busy nature of most Hawaiian city beaches and surfing spots. With its beautiful sparkling waters that surround white sand shores, it is one of Waianae's best kept promises.

The Makaha Valley Country Club is a golfer's paradise set within the confines of Waianae's magnificent and lush lands. With greens that are as soothing as the game itself, golfers and nature lovers alike would enjoy a good game of golf in this tropical paradise. A walk on the fertile lands, blessed with an assortment of vegetation, would be enough to soothe the troubled minds of people exposed to the hustle and bustle of modern city living.

But if you want a good walk on some of Waianae's best kept promises, taking the services provided by the Wildside Specialty Tours is among the best things you could do in this Hawaiian community. These guys offer an enjoyable tour around this Hawaiian paradise's best spots.

The Keawaula Beach, on the other hand, can provide beach lovers and holiday adventurers alike a relaxing view of the sparkling sapphire-blue waters of the mighty Pacific. Its waters have mild to strong waves, which also makes the place a prime spot for diving and surfing. Plus, the winds from the open sea is enough to catch a traveler's real idea of a true vacation.

The Waianae Mountain Range also offers travelers and mountain hikers alike a breathtakingly suspenseful view of the blue Pacific. Towering high above this place's beauty and elegance, these mountains provide a sanctuary to people seeking solitary enjoyment in the Aloha state.

Waianae's Economy

The Hawaiian community of Waianae depends primarily on its tourism industry to sustain the people living within its confines. With the boom of the tropical island's tourism industry, Waianae has continuously been a part of the success of Hawaii's tourism industry. Plus, with business ports near it, local and international trade has also been a good well of sustenance for its people.

Several tourist attractions certainly brings about a number of employment opportunities for the people of Waianae. There are beaches and shores that serve as second home to professional sports enthusiasts and to resort staff. There are lots of spots in the area that usually require the services of tour guides or travel agencies. With these holiday destinations and hospitable people, Waianae has a steady stream of travelers and tourists on its shores, sustaining both its tourism industry and its local trade industry.

The business establishments that litter Waianae's coasts also showcase the natural beauty of Hawaii's culture, as well as the artistry of its people. Like the other islands and towns in Hawaii, there are land-based riches Waianae can count on for its economy. Tasteful Hawaiian crops, such as pineapple and rice, decorate some of the shelves of most of business establishments that line up Waianae's shores. Plus, being near the busiest business ports of Hawaii, Waianae is a strategic place for almost any kind of business venture. Aside from the trade benefits that can be derived from its port location, the place can also be attractive enough for other tourism-related activities like touring ventures and transfer services.

Waianae Statistics:

Population: 10,506
Households: 2,595
Median resident age: 28.8 years
Median household income: $46,717
Median house value: $160,800
Land area: 3.4 square miles
Elevation: 8 feet
Latitude: 21°26'N
Longitude: 158°10'W
Zip code: 96792
County: Honolulu
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