Waialua, Honolulu County, Hawaii

The fertile lands of Waialua, a beautiful town of this tropical paradise island, stretches across the northwestern coasts of the magnificent Oahu island. A former part of the sugar production industry of the heavenly realm that is Hawaii, this holiday site is now actually known all over the world as a prime source of good tasting Hawaiian coffee. This is because the fertility of its land is steadily nourished by the blessings of the great Hawaiian heavens all year round.

The 1.3 square miles of lush lands that Wailua boasts of is situated on the northwestern shores of the brilliant Oahu island. With this heavenly dream placed within the confines of Honolulu county, its local residents, all 3,761 of them, enjoy the Hawaiian good life due to the booming trade industry of this dreamy community. Both its international and local trade industry, alongside its tourism industry, thrives on its natural beauty and grace, more so on its coffee plantations and refineries.

The 1,128 households enjoy good sunny tropical weather all year round. The sea level elevation of Waialua provides its people a year's worth of soothing oceanic winds, not to mention mild relaxing drizzles every now and then. These blessings from the great Hawaiian heavens nurture the fertile lands of Waialua, and this is something which makes its local residents ever so thankful of the good life under the same Hawaiian skies that continuously nourish its elegance. It also brandishes a rich Hawaiian past that depicts of all the troubles and woes that had befallen this tropical paradise island.


In the early 1800s, the mighty King Kamehameha I ruled over the Hawaiian Islands. His kingdom's plans of uniting the islands of this tropical paradise into a single nation governed by the great king started out with the cultivation of the most fertile lands on Hawaii. The town now known as Waialua was seen by the kingdom to be among the most nourished lands of Hawaii, and this is where Hawaiian crop plantations flourished in the mid 1800s.

Then, during the late 1800s, the agricultural lands of Waialua were converted into a place to house the sugar plantations Hawaii were so proud of at this point in its history. This is what caused the diversity of Hawaii's cultural heritage, more so its ancestral origins. This is because the fertile lands of Waialua acted as a beautiful home to one of Hawaii's richest sugar plantations. This, in turn, invited people from surrounding regions of the world to set foot on its prime shores. These people now make the greater portions of local residents, and the racial origins of such people are Asian, European, Polynesian, and American.

During the mid-1900s, the Second World War caused the ultimate demise of the booming sugar production industry of this magnificent town, as much as the crop plantations of the Hawaiian Islands. Shortly after the war ended with that well known bang, Waialua converted its prime sugar plantations into coffee plantations and refineries. This is how the best tasting Hawaiian coffee production industry of Waialua started out, and it now enjoys a booming global coffee trade industry as well.


The beautifully fertile lands of Waialua are centered on the northwestern shores of the Oahu Island, making it near the elegant Dillingham Airfield. This place has lots of dreamy water spots to choose from, as much as greens, to best soothe the minds of lucky visitors. The Waialua Coffee Visitor's’ Center, for instance, can provide travelers and tourists a good stroll along its nostalgic confines. This coffee plantation is open to the general public, and is situated in the historical shelter that is the Waialua Sugar Mill.

This coffee plantation also has a lot of facilities to offer travelers and tourists for their recreational purposes and activities. There are shops and restaurants that showcase Hawaiian delicacies and locally handcrafted creations. It also has water parks and diving places that would make a scuba diver enjoy a good time in the depths of its brilliant waters.

The Waialua Wall is one of the best dive spots that this town could offer thrill seekers and divers alike. A plunge into its depths could provide you with the experience of being in the company of diverse marine life. This place is also just a short drive from Haleiwa, which could offer an elegant walk down memory lane because of its rich history and diverse Hawaiian culture that lines up its coasts.

Waialua also offers a breathtaking view of the setting sun from the limits of its shores, and could even give you the opportunity to embrace Waialua's fine Hawaiian mornings with a good view of the rising sun from its sparkling and brilliant coasts.

Being near well-known holiday destinations in the magnificent island of beautiful Oahu, such as the Hawaiian Waterworks of Ewa Beach and the Mililani Golf Course of Oahu, this place can very well act as the centerpiece of your dreamy Hawaiian getaway.


Like other towns, Waialua depends on its natural produce for its economic conditions. The dreamy getaway town of Waialua boasts of the best tasting coffee on this side of the world. The best Hawaiian coffee is locally grown and harvested on the lush lands of this place, and it continues to provide its people a well-known source of sustenance and independence. This is why the global trading industry of Waialua is thriving on its coffee plantations and refineries, making the business ports nearest its lush lands the busiest within this tropical paradise island.

With the boom of the global trade industry, due to the coffee plantations and refineries on Waialua, tourism is also an area this dreamy Hawaiian town is continuously trying to tap as a source of sustenance. The tourism industry promises a lucrative option for local businessmen to prosper. This is because this Hawaiian getaway spot is now enjoying a booming tourism experience, which makes its local residents ever so thankful of the blessings the Hawaiian heavens continuously pour on its fertile lands. With this, the local trade industry is also a profitable venture for local residents. This is the result of the numerous business establishments that have made this town their home. A household on this place costs around $232,300, which is justified by the $46,763 annual income per household this town is proud of. These are the things that make up the Waialua good life, and its people enjoy more of the blessings the Hawaiian skies nourish the place with all year round.

Waialua Statistics:

Population: 3,761
Households: 1,128
Median resident age: 39.2 years
Median household income: $46,763
Median house value: $232,300
Land area: 1.3 square miles
Latitude: 21°34'N
Longitude: 158°7'W
Zip code: 96791
County: Honolulu
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