Wahiawa, Honolulu County, Hawaii

The beautiful city of Wahiawa is among the most fertile lands of this tropical paradise island. Situated on the central shores of the magnificent Oahu island, this place is home to the best Hawaiian pineapples, as well as the best tasting Hawaiian crops the skies above this tropical island have blessed its fertile lands.

The 2.1 square miles of land this city stretch across the northwestern coasts of Honolulu. This magnificent city shelters its 16,151 residents with good tropical weather all year round. The 5,376 households of this Hawaiian pineapple city are also surrounded by lush vegetation, making it a true tropical getaway.

Elevated at approximately 920 feet, the beautiful city of Wahiawa has a breathtaking view of the brilliant sapphire-blue waters of the great Pacific. This also makes the city nurture its people with refreshing winds most of the time. Its magnificent tapestry of gardens soothes even the most troubled minds of people with its relaxing greens.

The local residents of Wahiawa enjoy the best Hawaiian crops this tropical island could ever produce. The fertility the great Hawaiian heavens have rained down on this place makes its lush lands produce the best tasting pineapples all over the world. This also makes this city's business ports among the busiest in the island. Back then, if sugar was the prime produce of this tropical paradise island, other Hawaiian heavenly crops flourished on the fertile lands of this city. Up until now, its people are tapping the bountiful harvest of top grade Hawaiian crops.

Wahiawa's History

In the early 1800s, the great King Kamehameha I ruled over the kingdom of the tropical paradise realm that is Hawaii. His efforts to unite the islands of magnificent Hawaii included some developmental work from the agricultural plans on this city. The original plans for the piece of fertile land now known as the magnificent city of Wahiawa included its agricultural development to a wide sugar plantation and refinery on its land.

But the adviser of the mighty King Kamehameha I, Don Francisco de Paula y Marin, suggested other crops to be planted on Wahiawa's rich lands. This was the time wherein the juicy Hawaiian pineapple plants came into being. It was brought in by the king's wise Spanish advisor, and the fertile agricultural lands of this city became a haven for pineapple farms.

In the mid-1800s, Hawaii's fine agricultural industries experienced good times due to the boom brought about by the gold rush of California. This made Wahiawa's prime pineapple produce to be exported into the Western mainland. This continued on until the kingdom of beautiful Hawaii managed to unify itself into a single nation in the early 1900s.

But the Second World War caused Hawaii's fine agricultural industries to close down one after the other. Greatly felt was the downfall of this tropical paradise's sugar production industry. But after the war, this city has rebuilt itself into a vast pineapple farm, which yields the best tasting crops the world has ever seen.

This is Wahiawa's rich past, and its diversity can be vouched by the ancestral origins of its people. This is because people from foreign lands had set foot on Wahiawa to try their luck in pineapple farming.

Wahiawa's Attractions

The soothing city of Wahiawa is home to the most elegant gardens and the most magnificent waters in the central coasts of the blessed Oahu island. The Dole Plantation, situated on the most fertile portions of its land, offers an inviting tour on its lush gardens. The pineapples that are grown on this farm are the best in the world, and its sweet aroma reaches across the gardens and offers a soothing alternative to the hustle and bustle of modern city living.

The Kukaniloko Birthing Stones, a rich historical site on the city of Wahiawa, is a good place to know more of Hawaii's interesting past. It offers a front seat view of the geological formations that started out as this tropical paradise island was still young.

The Hawaii Country Club, a golf course amidst the lusciously soothing greens of Wahiawa, offers people a good golf game under the clearest portions of the great Hawaiian skies. This is also a place with recreational facilities that rival the best from modern city life.

The Wahiawa Botanical Garden also provides a prime view of the fertility of its land. Colorful Hawaiian plants and flowers act as the centerpiece of an artistically drawn portrait with trees and greens as its borders. A walk on this garden park would prove to be a healthy option to clear both the mind and the lungs.

There are also a bountiful selection of shops, boutiques, and parks that line up the shores of the city of Wahiawa. This provides people a balanced taste of the healthy combination of Hawaiian lifestyle and modern day living.

Wahiawa's Economy

The rich city of Wahiawa relies on the fertility of its lands as a prime source of sustenance for its local residents. Pineapple farms and other crop plantations cover most of this place's lush lands, and it offers both its economy and its people a taste of the good old Hawaiian good life.

The business ports of this Hawaiian paradise also provide more than enough sustenance for its people. This is why several business establishments have opened up its doors to welcome the bustling trade people that flock on its shores all year round. A number of city markets and shops have decorated their shelves with prime Hawaiian crops, and some have artistic creations from the brilliant minds of its local residents.

Being near the Schofield Barracks, this place also receives enough support from the national government. But the tourism industry of this Hawaiian city is booming alongside the fast-paced style of its business ports. With this, local trade is fast becoming one of this city's prime sources of economic sustainability. This is why the annual income of a household on Wahiawa reaches up to, on average, $41,257. This is more than enough for its local residents to enjoy a piece of the inspiring Hawaiian heavens while going along their work all year round.

But this Hawaiian city's global trade industry is also seeing good times due to the produce it harvests from its fertile lands. Pineapple farms and plantations act as the prime suppliers of tasty Hawaiian pineapples all over the world. There are also a number of other Hawaiian crop plantations, and most of the produce from its fertile soil are also distributed all over the world.

Wahiawa Statistics:

Population: 16,151
Households: 5,376
Median resident age: 37.5 years
Median household income: $41,257
Median house value: $240,300
Land area: 2.1 square miles
Elevation: 920 feet
Latitude: 21°30'N
Longitude: 158°1'W
Zip code: 96786
County: Honolulu
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