Schofield Barracks, Honolulu County, Hawaii

The Schofield Barracks is an interesting American military located on the beautiful city shores of Wahiawa. This Hawaiian destination spot is home to Hawaii's rich history, and its lush lands stretch across the coasts of the magnificent Oahu island. The immediate areas that surround this place are lush rainforests, which add a fine touch of vegetation to the rustic Hawaiian aura of the Schofield Barracks.

The 2.7 square miles total land area of the Schofield Barracks are mostly forest lands, with a few tracts of it set as water reservoirs and Hawaiian crop plantations. This place also has a number of historical spots within its confines. The water reservoir has also been remodeled to become a prime tourist attraction of this place.

The 14,428 people of this place enjoy tropical sunny weather and mild oceanic winds all year round due to the sea level elevation of the Schofield Barracks. More than 2,965 households have been built around the magnificent base.

The Schofield Barracks had certain issues, which involved the environmental conditions of the place. But this were all given formidable solutions by the American army way back after the Second World War ended. This and more are what make Schofield Barracks a true historical place, amidst the natural beauty and elegance of this tropical paradise island that is Hawaii. Being a military base, it had its fine share of the spoils from the 1940's war, and is documented in American history as a place that caught a good share of the rummages brought about by the Second World War.

Schofield Barracks' History

In the 1800s, the place that is now known as the Schofield Barracks was home to a rich diversity of vegetation. The kingdom of Hawaii, under the rule of the great King Kamehameha I, used this piece of Hawaiian land for rice and other crop plantations, and its waters acted as the earliest irrigation systems for such Hawaiian crop plantations. When the kingdom had carried out its plans of unifying the entire Hawaiian Islands into a single kingdom under the rule of King Kamehameha I in the late 1800s, the American government became a part of this tropical island in the early 1900s.

A fine share of the site's fertile soil was tapped by the Western travelers of the early 1900s. The lands acted as pieces for sugar and pineapple plantations. But the American government had other plans for the same site where Schofield Barracks now sits. This was even before the bells of war sounded its alarming noise throughout the Pacific in the mid-1900s.

Established in the 1908, the Schofield Barracks base site acted as the American Army's critical mobile defense site for the shores of Pearl Harbor, as well as for the entirety of this tropical paradise island. It thus played a huge part in the Second World War, with its military base acting as a defensive back-up for the American Army's naval site on Pearl Harbor.

But as the war ended, Schofield Barracks was converted from a war-torn site to a place where the natural beauty and grace of a true tropical paradise can be found. The military base is now a place where American soldiers mix in with the steady stream of travelers and tourists who are hungry for Hawaiian culture and history.

Schofield Barracks' Attractions

The Schofield Barracks is an American base site, which is surrounded by a lot of facilities for recreational purposes and other tourism activities. For instance, the Wahiawa Reservoir, a short downstream distance from the site, has lush rainforests surrounding its walls. It is open for general public viewing, and could provide anyone a fine share of the Hawaiian cultural heritage, as well as a whiff of this tropical paradise island's natural elegance. In addition, Schofield Barracks, being a well maintained American base site, has a lot of restaurants and shops that add more colors to a truly wonderful getaway holiday. It is also a self-contained military base site, in which soldiers and other military personnel spend most of their time basking under the Hawaiian sun. But they are always ready to defend this place from harm, all due to the intensive training methods the American Army conducts on this base site.

The Seoul Inn is just one of the nearest restaurants from the Schofield Barracks site. This is a place where the best Hawaiian delicacies are served to the lucky visitors of this base site. There are also a lot of shops and hotels that surround the historical land of the Schofield Barracks, and these places usually give tourists and travelers a relaxing shelter.

The Jack In The Box fast food restaurant, a famous fast food shop in the mainlands of America, can also be found a short distance from the Schofield base site. Another prime American fast food is the Big-Way Burger, which is also a short distance from the base site.

Schofield Barracks' Economy

As the Schofield Barracks is a self-contained and well maintained American Army base site, government funds and grants abound this place. But these funds are strictly for the purposes of maintaining the quality of the facilities and training systems of the magnificent base, as well as for the necessary compensation of its soldiers and other base personnel. But for local residents and non-military people, the fertile land that surrounds this base site has proven to be more than a means for such people to sustain themselves.

Pineapple and other Hawaiian crop plantations can be seen on the surrounding patches of land from the Schofield Barracks site. These are, in turn, showcased on the shelves of the local food shops and markets that are near the base site. With the local trade industry seeing good times due to the actual presence of the historical Schofield Barracks site, the tourism industry of this place also seems to keep at pace with the developments on the base site itself.

This is why a lot of business establishments and hotels have lined themselves up on the surrounding lands of the Schofield Barracks base site. This has caused the household annual income of this place to reach, on average, $33,788. The average value for a house on this prime Hawaiian land is set at $75,000, and this is an affordable means to enjoy the good life under the Hawaiian skies all year round. In addition, living here would provide anyone with a daily dose of true Hawaiian history contained within the freshness of its air.

Schofield Barracks Statistics:

Population: 14,428
Households: 2,965
Median resident age: 22.1 years
Median household income: $33,788
Median house value: $75,000
Land area: 2.7 square miles
Latitude: 21°29'N
Longitude: 158°3'W
Zip code:
County: Honolulu
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