Pahala, Hawaii County, Hawaii

Pahala is a Hawaiian town that has the beautiful tropical sun on top of its rich historical lands, shedding light for local residents and visitors alike with sweet resonance and smooth intensity. This Hawaiian getaway is perfect for those who seek the sweet solitary arms of the tropical island's rich cultural diversity and beauty. This place also has the best shops, boutiques, and fine restaurants you would ever see in Hawaii.

The Hawaiian town of Pahala has the magnificence of the tropical sun shining all year long on its lush lands, all 0.8 square miles of it. Located in the southernmost point of America, this town is cradled with all the blessings the Hawaiian heavens have given its islands. It is sheltered by the sloping hands of beautiful Mauna Loa, and all of the 1,378 people within its elegant confines are grateful for the protection it provides them.

The mixture of culture, history, and natural diversity has made the 443 homes of local residents so much blessed with beautiful shores and thrilling waters that caresses with its elegant circle of innocent protection. This place rarely has dark times, for its lands and beautiful waters seem to have been made to absorb the smooth intensity of the tropical sun's rays all year round.

Elevated at exactly 920 feet above sea level, Pahala boasts of tropical weather that could make anyone forget the hustle and bustle of city life once they are beneath the place's fine share of the sunny Hawaiian heavens. The local residents of this town are good people who welcome everything and everyone passing by. People seem to be stuck in the age of 39.6 years, and this is because a worry-free life, which basks itself under the magnificence of the sun, could make anyone not age even a year older.

Pahala's History

Being within the southernmost portion of America, Pahala was the first tropical paradise to make Polynesians not turn down its inviting brilliance. The promise of the beautifully magnificent Hawaiian Islands, Pahala included in the fray, even made people from surrounding foreign lands try their hands out under the Hawaiian heavens, all in search for the good life. They seem to have found it here in Pahala, for the diversity of the ancestry of its present local residents is evidence that has withstood the tests of time.

Like some towns in the south, this Hawaiian town was a former sugar plantation paradise, giving its people and surrounding areas a good life in exchange for the strength of their backs and skill in planting and harvesting. Pahala was among the towns that spearheaded this tropical state's strong entry to the global market. It was their sugar production industries that made it back then, and it was the natural beauty and grace of their lands that would sustain them for more years to come all along.

The efforts of the great King Kamehameha to unite the Hawaiian Islands back then could have failed in a sense, but it has proven to strengthen the ties of the areas and regions between each other a bit more, as well as with the rest of the world. This is because a place such as Pahala has no room for discomfort nor worries, for its fresh air seems to make people remember nothing more than being close to nature.

Pahala's Attractions

Pahala has lots to offer weary travelers, who are bruised and battered to the bone from their search of the perfect tropical holiday. This is because Pahala offers a place to drown all their worries and renew their hopes of living the quiet yet contented life. It is a place where one could leave the rigidness of modern city living and enjoy the gifts of nature even on a short vacation.

The Seamountain Golf Course is a place which is not unlike the beauty and grace of Pahala's lands. This is because this golfer's paradise is located within the confines of the town itself, and promises anyone to keep in mind nothing more than the game, the ball, the hole, and the sweeping view of magnificent mountains and thrilling oceans. A walk through one of its beautiful parks could even make anyone forget the troubles he or she is experiencing and revitalize one's hopes of carrying on a comfortable living in the tropics.

The Hawaiian town of Pahala has a lot of historical places that would take anyone to an interestingly soothing trip down through memory lane. A rich tapestry of volcanoes, oceans, and mountains, aside from being a picturesque background for the home, could make anyone gracefully embrace Hawaiian heritage. There are Victorian restaurants that could take one to nostalgic trips through Hawaii's rich history and culture to both the food and the people. Pahala also has a lot of shops, boutiques, and various establishments that showcase its cultural heritage and the ingenuity of its people.

Pahala's Economy

Pahala thrives on its natural beauty and grace as a means of self-sustenance. This is because this town offers a Hawaiian paradise that is as inviting as the romantic smiles of its people. Several business establishments are also to be found lining its beautiful coasts, providing both local residents and visitors the advantages of the local trading industry. There are bars, Victorian restaurants, and shops that showcase the diversity of Hawaii's cultural heritage fused with modern city living.

Back then, this town thrived on the boom of Hawaii's sugar production industry. But today, Pahala boasts of successful business establishments and an equally busy tourism industry that makes the local residents continue on living with no worries whatsoever for independence or self-sustenance. On average, a $30,243 annual income per household of this beautiful town is more than enough to keep at pace with the modern lifestyle of the world. Yes, and this would make the living conditions of the local residents of Pahala at par with the rest of the developing nations of the world.

Because of the booming tourism industry of the Hawaiian town of Pahala, land value has gone up in this place. But it is still profitable since business establishments here are enjoying profits from the town's tourism industry. Valued at $80,900 per household on average, a holiday house or a business spot here would be as good as the other. This is because a holiday spot would mean the Hawaiian heavens all to oneself, and a business establishment here would also mean a piece of the Hawaiian heavens and a fine share of the town's profitable tourism industry and local trade.

Pahala Statistics:

Population: 1,378
Households: 443
Median resident age: 39.6 years
Median household income: $30,243
Median house value: $80,900
Land area: 0.8 square miles
Elevation: 920 feet
Latitude: 19°12 'N
Longitude: 155°28'W
Zip code: 96777
County: Hawaii
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