Paauilo, Hawaii County, Hawaii

Paauilo is among the Hawaiian areas that promise a beautiful combination of the tropical paradise state's lazy comfort and the city life's hustles and bustles. This Hawaiian place is under the gorgeous Hawaiian sun and stars, and home to the most welcoming people on this getaway state. It has a lot of breathtaking oceanic views, beautifully lined shores, thrilling beaches, and a slice of prime city life you well know of.

Paauilo is sheltered within the confines of this tropical paradise state. It is lined up with beautifully magnificent shores that encircle its brilliance and beauty with elegantly carved frames. Being near Honolulu and other Hawaiian cities, this place offers the best of both city and rural worlds when it comes to a holiday under the heavens of this beautiful tropical island.

Paauilo is lined up along the historically rich Hilo-Hamakua coast. All of its 1.2 square miles are a mixture of soothingly elegant Hawaiian heavens and prime city life. Elevated at 766 feet, this place offers a breathtakingly sweeping view of the beautiful oceans that shelter its beauty and grace.

The people of this city, all 571 of them, are every bit as warm and welcoming as the beauty and magnificence of the place itself. Boasting of 191 households, Paauilo has more sun, lush vegetation, prime shores, fine restaurants, bustling shops, soothing parks, and thrilling beaches to offer than your seasonal holiday getaway. On average, people here seem to be stuck at the young age of 37.4 years. This is because the perfect balance of city life and Hawaiian heavens would make anyone young and fresh looking all his life.

Paauilo's History

Paauilo is magnificently lined up along the historically rich Hilo-Hamakua coast, and as such, the place has a fine share of interesting Hawaiian heritage. During the 1900s, the then architectural design of the century had its hand on the sugar plantations that made up these lands. With the rest of the Hawaiian Islands thriving on sugar production back then, Paauilo tried to protect its rich forest lands and elegant shores from the apparent damage economic development intended to bring to the town.

Being near the bayfront then known as the Piopio, Paauilo's beauty was a witness to the historical events unfolding on Hawaiian lands. In pre-colonial times, the same bayfront was used by the great King Kamehameha as a gathering point for the war canoes as well as the warriors under his command. According to some sources, this was part of his efforts to unify every island in Hawaii.

When the sugar production industry of Hawaiian waned and the once famous sugar businesses finally closed down in the 1940s, Paauilo did not let itself rot. Instead, Paauilo remade itself into the bustling area with a fine piece of Hawaiian heavens that it is now known to be. The ancestry of local residents here in this beautiful Paauilo is composed of European, Native American, and Asian origin. This is because during the boom of the sugar production industry of Hawaii, a diversity of people swarmed its shores, looking for work and hoping to get settled into the comforting retreat Paauilo had for foreigners and travelers alike.

Paauilo's Attractions

Paauilo has a lot of prime water spots, lush forest lands, as well as a breathtaking panoramic view of the oceans. The waters surrounding the land's beauty offer anyone who is lucky enough to have a taste of its slice of Hawaiian heavens. But among the diversity of its natural beauty, this city is also what it is: a city that has the same wild side as the other cities of the Hawaiian Islands.

Paauilo's coasts are lined up with a rich and diverse tapestry of business establishments, such
as shops, wild joints, fine dining restaurants, and boutiques. Being near other beautifully rich cities of this paradise state, Paauilo has its share of museums and art galleries that depict Hawaii's rich cultural heritage and history. Among the best vaults for Hawaiian culture and history is the Lyman Museum, which is just a few bus ride hours from the city. The Lyman Museum is your best bet for an interestingly education trip to memory lane.

The parks of this paradise provide a healing alternative to its wild and busy side. A few strolls on one of its parks, or other nearby parks such as the Nani Mau Gardens, could literally make you forget all your woes in order to formally kick-off your Hawaiian dream getaway. If you love lush vegetation, Paauilo could offer more than what you could take. Being near the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden, a trip down to the garden and back would make you think that nothing has changed with the world and all.

Paauilo's Economy

Paauilo, just like most Hawaiian cities and towns, thrive on the tourism industry so as to sustain itself. Being a city, this place has a lot of business establishments that fill up its rich tapestry of diverse entertainment and leisure, such as boutiques, parks, restaurants, classy joints, hotels, and bars. Local trade is also a profitable venture, which is undertaken by most of Paauilo's residents. There are markets and other establishments in this city that showcase local produce and handicrafts made by local residents. In addition, Paauilo, as well as the rest of the Hawaiian Islands, are blessed with bountiful waters. As such, this city also thrives on marine life, specifically fish and other seafood products, as a means to further develop its move in being a self-reliant area of Hawaii.

As the household income of this Hawaiian place is said to reach $34,659 in a year, the living conditions of the local families seem to run as smooth and slick as anywhere in the best cities of America. Paauilo's average household income in a year is a far cry from what the rest of the Hawaiian islands had back in the years wherein the sugar production industries of this paradise state were in turmoil. But most of these communities have now returned to their feet and are now fully established as prime tourist spots of the world. Yes, Paauilo is one of these places, if not among the top areas that promise a slice of the great and blessed Hawaiian heavens.

Paauilo Statistics:

Population: 571
Households: 191
Median resident age: 37.4 years
Median household income: $34,659
Median house value: $70,700
Land area: 1.2 square miles
Elevation: 766 feet
Latitude: 20°2 'N
Longitude: 155°22'W
Zip code: 96776
County: Hawaii
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