Laie, Honolulu County, Hawaii

The Hawaiian town of Laie is home to the diversity of Hawaii's cultural heritage and rich history. Amidst its splendor and beauty, it keeps to itself a piece of prime Hawaiian heavens. In fact, this small community has a huge influence on the culture and traditions of Hawaii. Here, various religious sects and historical centers that preserve the Polynesian heritage of the residents can be found. As such, the millions of people who trek to Laie are astounded with the depthness and magnificence of Hawaii's relevant past and colorful culture.

Truly, this Hawaiian getaway paradise has lush lands decorated with an assortment of places that showcase Laie's rich past together with Hawaii's cultural heritage. Its fertile lands, all 1.3 square miles of it, have witnessed the historical events that took place within its confines. The people, approximately 4,585 of them, and the 903 households of this Hawaiian paradise are nurtured by both its good people and its natural blessings that are willingly showered by the brilliant Hawaiian skies each and every day.

Elevated at roughly 10 feet, the magnificent Hawaiian town of Laie has a breathtakingly scenic view of the sparkling blue Pacific waters, as well as the mountain ranges that wrap its brilliance around the coasts of Laie. Gentle winds and tropical sunny weather are more than promises all year round in this naturally beautiful town, which is situated in the district of Koolauloa, on the island of Oahu. If ever you want a taste of Hawaiian culture and diversity, Laie is the best place in the world to do exactly what you want in a tropical holiday.

Laie's History

In this tropical paradise island's ancient history, the picturesque town of Laie was a former village that acted as a shelter of refuge for all those who have unwittingly broken the unbending laws set forth by the great power of King Kamehameha I. His kingdom had plans of uniting the Hawaiian islands into a single kingdom, and under his rule, those that betrayed the kingdom saw a sanctuary before their eyes in this magnificent town of Laie.

The LDS church managed to purchase its fertile lands in the year 1865. This converted the former sanctuary of the kingdom's prisoners into a land where saints from around the sparkling Pacific gathered once and again. From this place of saintly gatherings, the Laie Hukilau, which is a community of people in the service of God and His church, emerged. In the 1940s, gatherings on the beaches of this place became a popular pastime. These gatherings, which usually involve a song, are called hukilau; these eventually paved the way for the construction of the Polynesian Cultural Center, reportedly the most visited site by tourists in Laie.

Laie was also among the Hawaiian communities that were ravaged and affected by the Second World War. Hawaii, with its sugar production industry crumbling into ashes, had the efforts of its people in rebuilding this tropical paradise right back up unto the pedestal of its former glory. The people of Laie, too, were a part of these efforts, and have done everything it took for this dreamy Hawaiian getaway paradise to be what it is now: a true tropical paradise enriched with the diversity of Hawaii's cultural heritage.

Laie's Attractions

The Hawaiian town of Laie is home to a number of cultural centers, several water spots, and greens that provide this place with a bountiful serving of its elegance and beauty. There are business establishments that showcase the local produce from its fertile lands, as well as novelty items from the artistry and cultural diversity of this Hawaiian tropical paradise realm.

The Polynesian Cultural Center, a place that is decorated with the natural elegance of Laie's rich vegetation, sits proudly under the great Hawaiian skies. Built in 1963, this gorgeous place offers families and individuals an educational and entertaining trip to memory lane and back to Hawaii's present cultural diversity. As a matter of fact, the Polynesia Cultural Center is the apparently the most visited spot in Laie, with millions of people marveling at the displays of Hawaiian tradition.

Aside from the aforementioned cultural center, there are also religious communities that are making their names in Laie. The Laie Hawaii Temple, for instance, is considered as one of the ancient Mormon temples in the world.

There is also the Brigham Young University, a top-notch educational institution of Hawaii. Laie has lots of parks and libraries. But if you need to constantly keep in touch with your wild and fast-paced city side, a few of its business establishments, or even a drive to a number of tourist beach spots within the magnificent island of elegant Oahu, would provide you with more than a bite on the richness and balance of the good life: Laie style.

Laie's Economy

The beautiful Hawaiian town of Laie thrives more on its cultural diversity than its natural beauty and grace when it comes to its self-sustaining tourism industry. There are also a number of business establishments, movie houses, shops, and boutiques that create a balanced mixture of modern city living and that good old Hawaiian good life.

There are no sugar plantations and refineries within this magnificent town's coasts, but there is a lot of crop lands that showcase a variety of local produce. Pineapples are common in these parts of Hawaii, as well as rice and other tasteful Hawaiian delicacies. But the booming tourism industry of Laie, together with the rest of Hawaii, have pushed this beautiful town's papaya plantations to streamlining success in the global market.

But the papaya industry of Laie is now intrigued by the branch of science that is genetics. Geneticists, along with other scientists, have developed a fertile piece of land on this fine place to be a papaya plantation that would grow genetically modified produce. This is a promising venture for both the town and its people, but it would be in the hands of companies to properly manage its success in the international market.

These are the things that make up this town's economy. Local residents of this rich Hawaiian land lives in an abundance of blessings from its fertile lands and soothing waters, making the household income of this place, on average, reach $50,875 annually. This is more than enough for the people sheltered by the great Hawaiian heavens to have a prime taste of the good Hawaiian life.

Laie Statistics:

Population: 4,585
Households: 903
Median resident age: 23.9 years
Median household income: $50,875
Median house value: $310,600
Land area: 1.3 square miles
Elevation: 10 feet
Latitude: 21°38'N
Longitude: 157°55'W
Zip code: 96762
County: Honolulu
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