Kailua, Hawaii County, Hawaii

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Kailua, an Oahu town, keeps a good portion of the fresh Hawaiian heavens to itself. Even while being just a short drive from Honolulu, it has not yet been molded to the downtown perspective of Hawaii's cities and busy towns. Oahu locals have even gone living for many years without even having a glimpse on the beauty of this windy town. This is why Kailua has been luxuriously sitting under the good sun, carefully hiding itself from the hassles of modern busy living. The local residents of this town consider this a blessing, for they would not have a piece of something else when they have a good part just for themselves.

The Kailua town of Oahu is what the moon is to us on a beautiful night: serene and peaceful, able to drive out the worries of modern everyday living. Its lush forest lands and magnificent coasts make this town the bright side of the moon and Honolulu the dark side of it. The soothing arms of this town are made even more welcoming by the people who are the local residents of Kailua.

The population of Kailua is said to be 9,870, according to the US 2000 census. This is a far cry from the thousands of people in other Hawaiian cities and towns. Thus, Kailua maintains a sweet solitary blanket that it uses to wrap itself so as to protect its beauty from the fast-paced city life. With this, there are 3,537 households that sleep snugly under Kailua's Hawaiian heavens, protected by the sweet embrace of the town's arms.

Having a total land area of 35.5 square miles, there is enough space in Kailua to welcome more people in its caring womb. The town only has lush forest lands, beautiful waters, and soothing shores. This town is elevated at exactly 16 feet above sea level, and thus has tropical weather most of the time. This also makes the waters around its shores perfect for those strong winds and big waves.

Kailua is situated above the Koolau Mountains, which makes it a hidden scenic spot more than a common Hawaiian getaway. It is also well around sailing distance from the Makapuu Point, where a good and interesting boat ride around the island's beautiful eastern coastlines can be enjoyed.

Kailua's History

Historians believe that the romantic embrace of Kailua sheltered Hawaiian local families more than 1500 years ago. The earliest inhabitants of the town are perceived to have survived and lived through the diversity of aquatic life. This is because the Bishop Museum believes that the slopes of its marshlands were unfit for any agricultural use.

In the early 1600s, the ali'i gave birth to hundreds of legends that surround the mysterious Kailua town up to this day. The state libraries of Hawaii have all these legendary stories well within its confines. This adds to the exoticism and beauty of the town's soothing lands.

The biggest and significant event in the rich historical vaults of Kailua happened in the year 1795. This was the time when the great King Kamehameha I got hold of Oahu in his efforts to further unite the beautifully lush Hawaiian Islands. After this, the chieftains and warriors who helped the great King Kaiwainui were granted old Kailua and the marshlands of Kaiwainui. The granted lands were then made to good use, such as for sugar production and agricultural purposes.

Kailua, back in the time of the Second World War, was then converted from a quiet and peaceful town to a community that was trying to desperately heal the wounds it had nursed from war. Some parts of the land owned by Kaneohe Ranch were sold to the American government. The government of America then built a military base on it, which is now known as the Marine Corps Base.

After these years, Kailua slowly remodeled itself to a community it once was. This is because it has already surpassed the worst years of its life, and now happily sits under the Hawaiian heavens -- the same heavens that it has been trying to protect from city life harm through all these years.

Kailua's Attractions

Kailua is more of a comfortably steady beach community than a busy resort. Windsurfing on the waters of Kailua's shores is a prime attraction of the town for furthering its industries on tourism and trade. As a matter of fact, the windsurfing sport's most awarded hero grew up in Kailua's gentle hands; he goes by the name of Robbie Naish.

The Kailua Beach Park has been honored many times. Among these was the 1998 Doctor Stephen Leatherman "America's Best Beach" award. This kinds of recognitions validate the notion that in Kailua, relaxing and leisure is specially intended for the guests. Once in Kailua, worries seem to be drowned by the soothing fresh air of its beach shores and the whole town. Indeed, with its great offerings for a break, getting to Kailua is one thing, but getting out of it is another one.

But unlike some towns and counties in Hawaii, Kailua is not entirely devoted to beach and ocean fun. Though windsurfing is one, if not the most, recognized pastime in the community, get-togethers also provide the same level of entertainment for those who are lucky enough to adjust and settle into the Kailua's lifestyle. Since the said town is just a stone's throw away from downtown Honolulu, this makes Kailua accessible to prime nightlife. Parties are everywhere, perfect for the travelers and visitors who would like to enjoy and flaunt their wild clubbing lifestyle on the beach. These are also fit for locals who are out to have a grand time from the day's job.

Kailua's Economy

Kailua is one pleasantly soothing beach community, and this is what the town's economy thrives on. Tourism and local trade are the things that come with prime beaches, shores, and lush forest lands. Most people who have been to this town have such a hard time getting out of it due to the welcoming smiles of the people.

Kailua, in itself, is what you call a self-sufficient community. Because of the booming tourism trade in this town, there are several business establishments that line up its magnificent shores. The Hawaiian life has never been better, and you would know exactly what local residents of this town mean by that.

The Kailua Chamber of Commerce, in 1994, launched the Kailua Urban Design Task Force to improve the business economy of the town. The group has apparently succeeded, as seen with all these booming business establishments all around Kailua. The malls, fine dining restaurants, good bars, stores, and just about anything are the results of the combined efforts of the town's residents, various neighboring city governments, and the natural beauty of the town.

Living conditions in this town would measure up to the best federal states of America. This is because of the industries that continue to thrive on the town's natural beauty, its resources, the skills of the people, and the cooperation of everyone who has been a part of the town. Thus, in case you haven't been to Kailua, get right down and help yourself to a good and unspoiled slice of Hawaii.

Kailua Statistics:

Population: 9,870
Households: 3,537
Median resident age: 35.5 years
Median household income: $40,874
Median house value: $190,900
Land area: 35.5 square miles
Elevation: 16 feet
Latitude: 19°38'N
Longitude: 155°59'W
Zip code: 96734
County: Hawaii
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