Kahuku, Honolulu County, Hawaii

Kahuku is a Hawaiian community that is an elegant home to magnificent water spots and lush lands that depict a picturesque place framed with natural beauty and grace from the Hawaiian heavens. As the breathtakingly towering Kualoa Mountains act as a prime backdrop of this Hawaiian dream, its people enjoy huge amounts of fresh air and intense Hawaiian sun all year round. Business establishments also line up its coasts, but this Hawaiian community is more of a naturally beautiful getaway than a tropical resort, much like Waikiki and Ewa Beach.

Lazily sitting in its innocent solitude on the northern coast of the elegant island of good old Oahu island, Kahuku is surrounded by the sparkling and brilliant blue waters of the mighty Pacific, The water that Kahuku receives rains down fertility on the lands of this community, all 1.0 square miles of it. This is why the people of this Hawaiian getaway holiday dream, all 2,097 of them, and the 509 households contained within this place are equally blessed with an abundance of natural resources most of their lives. Elevated at roughly 20 feet above sea level, this place offers a sweeping view of the majestic Pacific ocean, and experiences excellent tropical weather all year round. In addition, Kahuku is home to Hawaii's rich history, which is apparent in the beautiful coasts of the Oahu island. The place of Kahuku holds a few historical relics up its sleeve, from the diverse cultural heritage of Hawaii to the ravages brought about by the Second World War.

Kahuku's History

Kahuku was a witness of the unification strategies of the great King Kamehameha I, in which this place patiently watched as a few foreign travelers set foot on its shores; this happened after the Hawaiian islands were united as one kingdom under this great king's rule. As thousands of people from foreign lands littered the shores of this beautiful tropical island in the early 1900s, Kahuku was among the early communities in which the fertility of its blessed lands graciously invited a number of Asians, Europeans, and Americans. These people became the ancestors of the present local residents of this Hawaiian place. Thus, this shows how the unique and diverse cultural heritage and ancestry of Kahuku started out.

The fertility of Kahuku's blessed lands was what made the first sugar plantations and refineries built on its lush land thrive and prosper. This was in the early 1900s, a time when Hawaii held the sugar production industry as its driving force. But the bells that sounded war eventually caused the industrial dream of this tropical island to take an unexpected plunge.

The Second World War ruined the Hawaiian industrial dream of being among the prime producers of sugar throughout the world. Being situated near the trouble-stricken area of Pearl Harbor, Kahuku was ravaged by the spoils of war as much as the surrounding lands that were strategically located for Japanese conquest. But, fortunately, this place was spared by the worst things during the war and this Hawaiian getaway was able to start rebuilding its lost glory.

Kahuku's Attractions

Kahuku remade itself from a fertile sugar producing land to a tropical paradise getaway. Its natural beauty proves to be an inviting hand, as people, mostly urban dwellers, found some welcome respite in Kahuku. Its prime shores, sparkling blue waters, and quite a few greens have all made the hearts of many people all over the world its home, making it a holiday spot for both regular vacationers and honeymooners.

Golf courses are becoming popular in Hawaii, even in Kahuku. The Turtle Bay, a beautiful golfing paradise, offers tired minds a good golf game under the soothing Hawaiian skies. Kahuku also has a number of parks and recreational facilities that provide travelers a familiarity, if not ultimate oneness, with nature.

The historically rich Kahuka Mill Shopping Center, on the other hand, have products reflective of the magnificent Hawaiian culture and history. There are also gift shops and tasteful Mexican restaurants that encircle this cultural area of Kahuku, providing visitors a front seat ride to the artistry and the ingenuity of Kahuku's local residents.

There are also a number of the finest Hawaiian water parks and beaches; these are just a short drive away from Kahuku. Ewa Beach is a prime destination for beach lovers and tourists who want a taste of the balanced combination of modern city living and Hawaiian natural beauty. Waikiki Beach has the best hotels and restaurants; a short drive to the location from Kahuku would even offer a pleasurable view of Kahuku's coasts, which are surrounded by the sparklingly magnificent Pacific waters.

Kahuku's Economy

Kahuku sustains its people with the natural wonders that in turn make the place among the top choices for that fun and relaxing Hawaiian dream holiday. Surrounded by rich greens, thrilling water spots, and a number of historical areas that showcase the diversity of Hawaiian cultural heritage and its rich past, Kahuku has a booming tourism industry that could match those of the other Hawaiian holiday destinations.

Local residents have also set up a number of shops and boutiques that are decorated with its people's artistic creations. There are also markets and novelty shops that showcase the natural produce from the richness of Kahuku's fertile lands; these stores are offering people different Hawaiian delicacies and harvests. In Kahuku, local trade is continuously seeing good times as well, and this is due to its booming tourism industry. On average, a household on Kahuku has an annual income that reaches $39,135, making it at par with the best tourist destinations on the tropical island. This is also why the prices of land on this place have gone up considerably, making a household, on average, cost up to $196,900.

Even though a few related industries are trying to follow suit in raising their standards as well as their costs with the development of Kahuku's tourism, the amount is a comparatively a cheaper yet worthy price to what you're going to get once within the place's circle of beauty and natural elegance: the good, quiet, and relatively simple life under the great Hawaiian heavens all year round.

Kahuku Statistics:

Population: 2,097
Households: 509
Median resident age: 28.2 years
Median household income: $39,135
Median house value: $196,900
Land area: 1.0 square miles
Elevation: 20 feet
Latitude: 21°40'N
Longitude: 157°57'W
Zip code: 96731
County: Honolulu
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