Honomu, Hawaii County, Hawaii

With bustling metropolitan lifestyles to be found on most Hawaiian cities and towns, the state of Hawaii is starting to be a forgotten realm of sweet solitude and lazy comfort. Former remote villages are turning into busy resorts and tourists spots, modernizing the culture in the process. This has been the way for most Hawaiian towns and villages, but not with Honomu. This Hawaiian town has continued to be embraced with genuinely beautiful nature, and it still continues to preserve itself as a prime Hawaiian getaway on its own. In this modern age, Honomu still maintains that old Hawaiian healing power of relaxation, apart from holding firmly the roots of its cultural heritage.

This Hawaiian community's name literally stands for "silent bay." As the name implies, the Hawaiian town has seen a few changes during the course of its federal government's statewide developments. As people swarm into the most popular cities and towns of this holiday state, Honomu has been quietly biding its time, maintaining a natural relaxation paradise within its confines. Located in Hawaiian county near Hilo's metro area, this census-designated town is found within the neighboring towns that line up the Hawaiian county's coastlines.

Honomu has a population density of 454.1 per square kilometers, based on the 2000 statewide census. This brought the total population in this Hawaiian county's town to 541. This would mean that there is plenty of room for that dream vacation without the hassles of city living.

The United States Census Bureau has also reported Honomu's total land area to be 0.5 square miles in size. With this Hawaiian community's population density, this would mean that it has a lot of prime water spots and forest lands. This would be quite interesting since Honomu would be able to give guests more spots for a Hawaiian adventure. Elevated at 300 feet above sea level, Honomu promises tropical weather all year long -- perfect for spending more time on a dreamy Hawaiian holiday.

Honomu's History

In 1876, the Reciprocity Treaty was signed by the Kingdom of Hawaii with the government of America. With this, sugar plantations continuously popped up here and there within Hawaiian shores, specifically within the Hilo-Hamakua shores. Yes, Honomu is within these coasts of Hawaii. This spearheaded Hawaii's immersion to the global trading market.

Some government projects at this time leveled various natural lands such as forests and rich plains, bringing to the state hundreds of people near the state in search for work. With the boom of Hawaii's sugar industry at this time, these people worked as plantation farmers within the state limits, bringing their families along with their culture on Hawaiian land. These people's descendants are the ones who compose Hawaiian local people at the present.

Honomu is among the places in this state that started out as a community of locals. However, Hawaiian history has indicated that there has been an influx of foreigners. The ancestry of locals now residing in this place is of 5% German origin, 1% Irish, and the rest are of Native American and Asian descent. Being a multiracial community, the locals here have adopted a very welcoming lifestyle of business and leisure.

With such a rich mixture of historical heritage and culture, it is no wonder why people stay longer than they plan to. There are no longer plantations and farms in Honomu, for modernization has also reached this once wholly natural habitat -- art galleries, shops, museums, and temple have now taken the place of farms.

Honomu's Attractions

The Hawaiian town has a diversity of vegetation, oceanic spots, wildlife, marine life, and other water regions fit for travelers and tourists who just want to have their dream Hawaiian getaway. This place is well suited for those who need to be away from the fast-paced metropolitan lifestyle.

But if you need to keep in touch with your city life side, Honomu doesn't lack the necessary resources for you to miss out on either a good night-out, or an educational trip to memory lane. This town has an array of prime art galleries, bars and restaurants, shops, and theaters along its coastlines. Because of its rich historical heritage, there are two nearby museums that would take you to a very entertaining and educational trip to Hawaii's interesting past.

The Lyman Museum is one of the two museums that are just a short drive from Honomu. This museum is set in a historic house of an equally relevant missionary to Hawaii's heritage. The place has artifacts and other exhibits that depict Hawaii's rich past. It tells of the time when Hawaii had its first foreign visitors, as well as this state's cultural heritage.

Frequent strolls around Honomu's nearby parks, such as the Akaka Falls State Park, could also bring about new dimensions to your idea of a Hawaiian holiday. This is because the nearby parks are as soothing as a walk on Honomu's peaceful shores. If there's something that this town boasts of, it would be fresh air, beautiful waters, and exotic wildlife.

Honomu's Economy

Though the present Hawaii is becoming more modernized and that the generation now has more privileges than their predecessors, it cannot be denied that there are still some people who lack the formality of education and integration. For Honomu, only 12% of resident locals aged 25 years and above have an advanced college or bachelor's degree. On the other hand, the apparent mushrooming of businesses in the area also mean that there are portions within the town that have thriving business establishments and educational institutions. The tourism and business conditions also indicate the relatively high know-how rate of Honomu.

The rest of this town's local households, on average, according to the 2000 census, make $30,179 as an annual income. This would mean that living conditions in this town is more or less at par with the some of the federal states of America. The locals of this town go about their daily routine, earning adequately or more than enough from their work, while maintaining a lifelong dream of having and living a Hawaiian life.

The Honomu locals thrive on tourism and local trade. There are a few industries on crop plantations, specifically sugar production, and a few businesses on wineries as well. This would tell you of the diversity of industrial machineries that flourish on this town's rich natural resources. This is also indicative of the local residents' surviving skills at work. This is the Honomu way of life, and it is just as soothing as it is rewarding.

Honomu Statistics:

Population: 541
Households: 193
Median resident age: 42.2 years
Median household income: $30,179
Median house value: $97,800
Land area: 0.5 square miles
Elevation: 300 feet
Latitude: 19°52'N
Longitude: 155°7'W
Zip code: 96728
County: Hawaii
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