Hawaii Time Share

Want vacation property ownership in Hawaii? Well then, Hawaii timeshares are for you! With timeshare you invest in apartment-style resort units and split the costs of running the property with other timeshare holders. Keep in mind that Hawaiian timeshares go quickly. This is because Hawaii is one of the world's biggest tourist attractions in the world! Especially during the winter, who wants snow when they can have fun in the sun?!

There are a few different types of Hawaii timeshare ownerships. These include:

  • Fixed Week Ownership
    These are the most basic timeshare ownerships. For example, if you owned Week 14 at a resort you could use your week every year.

  • Floating Week Ownership
    This type of ownership allows you to request any week during a certain season. Some floating contracts may exclude major holidays so they can be sold as fixed weeks.

  • Rotating Week Ownership
    Rotating weeks are an attempt at giving owners a chance for the best weeks. Weeks are rotated forward or backward throughout the calendar year.
  • Time Share Resales Hawaii

    You may choose to rent your timeshare unit(s) to patrons or stay in them yourself! Vacation Clubs are organizations found all throughout the Hawaiian Islands which own multiple resorts and may be a great place to start. Most timeshare units are available for trade and this means you can find the perfect spots of paradise which suits your tastes and needs. Hawaii is not only a beautiful place to vacation in and but also as a wonderful place to invest in.

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