Hauula, Honolulu County, Hawaii

The town of Hauula holds within its confines prime Hawaiian water spots. These brilliant waters are enough to make a diver think of how much this magnificent town is a tropical paradise. Soothing aquatic brilliance would have to be this town's answer to the troubles and worries of people who are lucky enough to take on this dreamy place.

Gorgeous diving locations abound the coasts of this northeastern Oahu heaven. Though the town of Hauula is quite rural in nature, as opposed to the big cities and counties in Hawaii, the bountiful resources more than make up for what the place may lack in modernization. Thus, tourists get to enjoy the waters of Hauula more. The lush lands of this Hawaiian town, all 15.566 square kilometers of it, are also as relaxing as its waters. Famous for their Aloha spirit, about 3,479 local residents of this Hawaiian paradise are as hospitable and caring as well.

The 891 households and those who are planning to settle for good in Hauula can enjoy the rays of the magnificent sun all year round. Elevated at approximately 7 feet above sea level, this diver's paradise also has a terrific view of the Hawaiian oceans that encircle its beauty and grace.

Hauula's shores are lined up with marvelous parks, shops, and markets that showcase the natural beauty of this town's local produce, handpicked and crafted by the residents themselves. This is a place where the richness of vegetation and the magnificence of worldly waters meet.

Hauula's History

Back then, about the time of the early 1900s, Hawaii was among the largest sugar producing industries the world has seen. Like the towns and communities near it, Hauula had its share of fertile lands that were tilled by the hands of its rich ancestry. With this, people from foreign lands that surround the beauty of Hawaii flocked to the nearest shores of this tropical paradise, and some of them settled permanently in Hauula. Most of them were Asians, but there were also Europeans and Americans who now compose a portion of its local residents, with Polynesians mixed in the fray of its diversity. But in the mid-1900s, the bells of war ended this island's streamlining success in its sugar production industry.

Much like the other dreamy places of the beautiful Hawaiian Islands, the town of Hauula also had its good share of the nightmares brought about by the Second World War. Being in the beautiful northeastern shores of the magnificent island of Oahu, this place fondly remembers the dreary realm of the 1940s that is Pearl Harbor. Its prime waters were once home to Japanese ships. As the war ended, this Hawaiian town tended to its resources that have surpassed the ravages of the war-torn world. This paradise island emerged from economic turmoil, rebuilding its lost industries and machineries. With this, the places confined within this tropical island rebuilt not their sugar plantations and refineries, but the natural beauty that is found well within the grasps of its coasts.

Hauula's Attractions

Hauula boasts of a lot of brilliantly streaming waters and naturally elegant parks within its coasts. A truly remarkable diving destination, this dreamy town has water spots that are best for scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, or just an exciting swim.

If you're searching for magnificent waters that would make you forget your troubles, there are other nearby places to go to, like the water park, Hawaiian Waterworks. A short distance drive from Hauula, this brilliant water park could relax your tired mind with a soothing dose of its magnificent waters.

Aside from the deep waters and squid and lobster fishing expeditions, the town of Hauula is popular for hiking activities. As a matter of fact, there's a lot of great trails located in the area, such as the Koolau Mountains, Sacred Falls State Park, and the Hauula Loop Trail. Backpackers and extremists might also like to try the horseback riding and the kayaking activities amidst the pretty landscapes of greens and the clear waters.

Hauula also has a lot of shops and markets that showcase the richness of its local produce, all of which are from the natural grace of this Hawaiian heavenly dream. But if you have relaxation in mind, the greens that could be seen and enjoyed with a good golf game can be found and provided to you by the Kahuku Golf Course. This beautiful golf course is situated on the lush lands of Oahu, which is just a short drive from Hauula. Also, if you really like to walk on beautiful parks so as to douse some healing winds to your troubles, a stroll along the lanes of the Kahana Valley State Park would be enough.

Hauula's Economy

Much like the other places of this tropical paradise island, the town of Hauula maintains a healthy tourism industry well within its grasp. This Hawaiian getaway heaven has a lot of water parks, natural water spots that are perfect for diving, and a few good greens within its coasts. The local trade industry of this Hawaiian town also has its continuous share of good times, all because of the booming tourism industry this place is blessed with. This is why the local business sector of this town has been riding on the same bandwagon driven by Hawaii's successful tourism industry. There is a lot of business establishments on its shores that would act as evidence for this claim.

There are markets and shops that are brandished with an assortment of locally handcrafted novelty items from the efforts of Hauula's beautiful people. There are also locally grown crops that can literally give anyone a tasteful slice of the rich Hawaiian cultural heritage. Thrilling business establishments have also popped up within its shores. This is why the household income of this town, on average, reaches the $30000 mark, approximately $38,190 in a year's time.

The sugar plantations and refineries have vanished with the boom of this tropical island's tourism industry. But there are still small patches of Hauula's land that are being tapped as sugar plantations, and there are also a few sugar refineries on it as much as on the neighboring lands of the communities along its coasts. These are the natural blessings that make the good life even better at Hauula.

Hauula Statistics:

Population: 3,651
Households: 891
Median resident age: 28.0 years
Median household income: $38,190
Median house value: $223,800
Land area: 6.0 square miles
Elevation: 7 feet
Latitude: 21°36'N
Longitude: 157°54'W
Zip code: 96717
County: Honolulu
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