Ewa Beach, Honolulu County, Hawaii

Ewa Beach is one of the truly remarkable places that provide people from all walks of life solution to their troubles and woes. Situated in the southernmost portion of the brilliantly rich island of Oahu, this Hawaiian place offers any traveler the privilege of unwinding and unleashing their wild, city-based lifestyle amidst the backdrop of paradise. Being near the historical realm Pearl Harbor, Ewa Beach has stories and places that abound with fertile whisperings of Hawaii's past.

Its people, all 14,650 of them, and the 3,305 households are enjoying the blessings willingly offered by nature to Ewa Beach. Its lush lands, all 1.4 square miles of it, are so much blessed with natural beauty and grace that its fertility seems to go even deeper than the roots of its diverse vegetation. Elevated at approximately 5 feet above sea level, it is no wonder why about a quarter of the land's total area remains subdued or is composed of water from the nearby Pacific Ocean.

Getting to the census-designated area of Ewa Beach is fairly easy. Since the area of Ewa Beach is situated in the Ewa district and in the county and city of Honolulu, the main access to Ewa Beach remains to be the Fort Weaver Road. This road runs the length of Ewa, far from the coast to the area of Waipahu.

Those who are not so familiar with Hawaii, but are sports fans, might find the name of the place familiar as the Ewa Beach team beat the team from Curacao in 2005's Little League World Series.

Ewa Beach's History

Ewa Beach is among the places in which the balance of rich history and diverse cultural heritage is apparent. The ancestry of the people who have tilled its blessed lands are a mixture of people from foreign lands. The present make-up of Ewa Beach's residents comprise of Native Americans, Hispanics, Pacific Islanders, Whites, and African Americans, with Asians consisting almost half of the area's population. It is no wonder why the diversity of this village's culture is so much nurtured and treasured by both locals and tourists up to now.

Being a prime sugar production machinery in the mid 1900s, the Ewa Beach was also able to make use of its lusciously fertile soil and vegetation. From the time the sugar production industry of this tropical island crumbled in the 1940s, Ewan Beach unrelentingly picked up its pieces and remade itself into what it is right now: a tropical paradise in Oahu, frequented by both local and foreign travelers.

Ewa Beach has had its fair share of historical wounds from the Second World War, but its recovery is pretty evident, especially in the present-day towns nearby. Being close to the site of the historical Pearl Harbor, something that makes us all remember the bitterness of victory and the spoilage of defeat, this community has bounced back from the damages on its coasts brought by war to fully recover and reinvent itself as a prime heavenly spot for the unending boom of the tourism industry of the Hawaiian Islands.

Ewa Beach's Attractions

Romantically set on a diverse tapestry of beauty and magnificence that is blessed with the goodwill of the Hawaiian heavens, Ewa Beach keeps its head up with a broad smile on its face, boasting of prime waters and lush vegetation, not to mention city life culture that is at par with America's greatest cities. Soothing greens and panoramic mountain ranges that line up its mouth that is its coasts complement the warmth and graciousness of the people. The shores of this tropical paradise, in addition, works well with the magnificence of the waters that abound it.

The Hawaiian Waterworks is just one of the water spots that Ewa Beach has nurtured throughout the years of its existence. Despite having a taste of commercialized energy, this resort graciously offers a prime slice of the great Hawaiian skies. There is a lot of parks that Ewa Beach has specially for those who like to nature hike and travel.

Apart from the comforting nature parks and beaches, Ewa Beach is not an exception to the proliferation of golf courses. As a matter of fact, a game on its prime golf courses would even make one forget about his worries more. The Ewa Villages Golf Course is only one among the top golfing ranges, or courses, of this village.

Ewa Beach provides the amenities that are suited for a king, and the modern times have not faltered its efforts to do just so. With this, being in Ewa Beach is like being in more than a single place at the same time, and this is due to its rich diversity of beauty and grace.

Ewa Beach's Economy

Ewa Beach thrives on tourism as if it were a spoon-fed delicacy in its mouth. The natural elegance of its shores, waters, greens, and mountain ranges could drive anyone out of their seats and on to the nearest plane. This has also made the local residents of this Hawaiian village depend on local trade as a lucrative means of enjoying more than the good life, for this place could provide anyone the good life just by being on its shores.

There are about a ton of great places Ewa Beach boasts of, and these spots range from naturally beautiful water spots and sweeping panoramic view of mountains to busy resorts, golf courses, movie houses, stores, and boutiques. This is because being near Honolulu, Ewa Beach seems to have been influenced by the modern lifestyle of the city. With this, a local household of this Hawaiian getaway paradise village is making $57,073 on average, and this is an amount that is worth a good life all year round. Local residents of this tropical village also spend enough time on their local trading system, which has also seen good times because of its booming tourism industry. With this, land prices have risen, but it would still be a good buy since you would enjoy the best of both worlds while maintaining a very profitable land investment. A house on this prime tropical village costs about $224,600 on average.

This is Ewa Beach, and for local residents, the good life has never been more accessible on this place. Even during the time where the sugar production industry of this paradise island had crumbled, Ewa Beach was patiently biding its time, waiting for just the right moment to unleash its beauty and rich diversity of Hawaiian elegance and magnificence. These made this beautiful place into what it is now: a romantical place that not even any other across the universe and beyond could mimic.

Ewa Beach Statistics:

Population: 14,650
Households: 3,305
Median resident age: 32.7 years
Median household income: $57,073
Median house value: $224,600
Land area: 1.4 square miles
Elevation: 5 feet
Latitude: 21°19'N
Longitude: 158°0'W
Zip code: 96706
County: Honolulu
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