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Aloha! Welcome to Hawaii State Info. Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places on Earth, featuring white sandy beaches, refreshing waterfalls, exciting volcanoes, wonderful scenery, and warm eccentric air! Feel energized as you soak up the sun. Relax, sit back, and have a pina colada. Not only is Hawaii the perfect place to get married, but also the perfect place for a vacation getaway. Experience the difference. Experience Hawaii!

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Be enchanted with all that Hawaii has to offer. Go on an island-hopping adventure and explore the wonders of this beautiful place. Take your pick from the numerous white sand and red sand beaches, the different kinds of natural pools, and the collections of colorful flora that make Hawaii the haven for any outdoor enthusiast and naturalist. Stay at the best hotels and rental homes to learn more about Hawaii's rich culture. This site is your one-click guide to anything and everything in Hawaii.

Visit cultural sites all over Hawaii and follow the trail of this state's journey from the arrival of the Polynesians, the explorations of Captain Cook, the unification of the kingdoms of Hawaii, to the infamous attack on Pearl Harbor. In your travel to the major Hawaiian islands of Molokai, Hawaii or Big Island, Maui, Oahu, Kauai, and Molokai, you will find sugar, tobacco, coffee and other crop plantations that once made Hawaii a site for trade and commerce. Then lose yourself as you join the festivities and learn to dance the hula. As you travel starting from Hawaii's Big Island to the small towns along Ni Ľihau, you'll find that all these information will make you want to take the next flight to Hawaii.

Hawaii State Info provides you with the best up to date information on the Hawaiian Islands. To give you a bit of background on the islands of Hawaii, they were first settled by Polynesians sailing from other Pacific islands between A.D. 300 and 600. Hawaii was visited many years later, 1778 to be exact, by British Captain James Cook who called the group The Sandwhich Islands. Hawaii is a 1,523-mile chain of islets and contains eight main islands - Hawaii, Kahoolawe, Maui, Lanai, Molokai, Oahu, Kauai, and Niihau. Hawaii has now been grouped into four counties, Hawaii County, Honolulu County, Kauai County, and Maui County. Hawaii State Info provides you with information on each of these counties as well as the communities built therein. Looking to book that vacation getaway? You have come to the right site! Hawaii State Info provides you with up to date listings in real estate, hotels, timeshares, golf courses and much much more! Also, be sure to check out our forums, and enjoy your stay!

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